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Keith Harmon Snow is an independent journalist, war correspondent, human rights investigator, photographer, lecturer, and three-time Project Censored award winner.

Middle East events will be discussed.

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John Kozy is a retired philosophy and logic professor, now writing on social, political and economic issues. He taught for many years and has been writing for many more.

Visit his web site at

His latest writing will be discussed.

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Jack Rasmus is Professor of Political Economy at St. Mary's College and Santa Clara University, CA. He's also a freelance journalist, frequent speaker, a playwright and author, including his latest book titled, "Epic Recession: Prelude to Global Depression."

His new book coming out soon is titled, "Obama's Economy: Stagnation and Collapse - 2008 - 2010."

His latest assessment of economic conditions will be discussed.

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Fadhel Kaboub is Professor of Economics at Denison University, OH and Research Associate at the Levy Institute of Bard College, NY, the Center for Full Employment and Price Stability, MO, and the International Policy Institute, Ontario.

He teaches and focuses heavily on macroeconomic theory and policy, monetary theory and policy, and economic development, especially job creation and social justice.

His latest economic views will be discussed.

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Ellen Brown is a civil litigation attorney, distinguished author, and frequent writer on financial issues. A new edition of her important book, "Web of Debt," is a brilliant analysis of the private banking system, how it usurped money creation power, and how we can get it back.

Brown also heads the Public Banking Institute (PBI), an initiative to return money power to the people where it belongs.

Brown's latest writing will be discussed.

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John McMurtry is an internationally recognized moral and political philosopher who is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and University Professor Emeritus at the University of Guelph, Ontario.

His volumes on Philosophy and World Problems for UNESCO are globally published, and his widely translated works include the influential books, "Unequal Freedoms," "The Cancer Stage of Capitalism," and "Value Wars." McMurtry is also an active public advocate for global justice, world peace, and international law.

Major world and national issues will be discussed.

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James Petras is Binghamton University, New York Professor Emeritus, a noted figure on the left, a distinguished Latin American expert, and longtime chronicler of the region's popular struggles.

He's also a consummate scholar and prolific writer of hundreds of articles and dozens of books, including his latest titled, "War Crimes in Gaza and the Zionist Fifth Column in America."

Major world and national issues will be discussed.

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Karl Grossman is a State University of New York Professor of Journalism, also specializing in investigative reporting for over 40 years.

In addition, he authored six books, including "Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power."

Japan's nuclear meltdown will be discussed.

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Robert Abele is Professor of humanities and philosophy at Diablo Valley College, CA. He's authored four books, including "Democracy Gone" and "Anatomy of a Deception" about the Iraq invasion, occupation, and preparation for the next deception. Abele's latest world and national views will be discussed.

Harvey Wasserman is an activist, author, media figure, and nuclear power expert. Discussion will focus on Japan's Fukushima reactor meltdown and potential catastrophic fallout throughout East Asia and beyond.

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Stephen Zarlenga is Director of the American Monetary Institute (AMI), a publicly supported charity involved in conducting research on the nature of money, its role in controlling societies, and the importance of reforming a broken system to achieve economic justice.

Zarlenga is a noted expert on issues related to finance, securities, insurance, mutual funds, real estate, and futures trading. He's written 20 books on money, banking, politics and philosophy, including "The Lost Science of Money" that "exposes the mythology created to protect those who are embezzling from society" by contolling the nation's money.

The result is a structurally corrupted political economy with elected officials the handmaidens of Wall Street, aunprecedented wealth disparity between the rich and most others, and a society in decay heading for ruin and tyranny unless stopped.

That topic will be discussed and Zarlenga's prescription for change.

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