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August 29, 2010

Irma Muniz is the wife of Ramiro "Ramsey" Muniz, an American political prisoner for nearly 17 years for his heroic activism for Latino rights and empowerment. It got him framed and incarcerated for life without parole, a shocking yet common miscarriage of justice.

Discussion will focus on his case and efforts to free him.

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August 28, 2010

Jack Rasmus is a Professor of Political Economy at St. Mary's College and Santa Clara University, CA. He's also a freelance journalist, frequent speaker, a playwright and author, including his newest book titled, "Epic Recession and Financial Crisis: Prelude to Global Depression."

His latest economic views will be discussed.

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August 26, 2010

Stjepan Mestrovic is Professor of Sociology at Texas A&M University and author of "The Good Soldier on Trial: A Sociological Study of Misconduct by the US Military Pertaining to Operation Iron Triangle, Iraq."

Four low-ranking soldiers and lawyer Paul Bergrin were spuriously charged to absolve Colonel Michael Steele, the Pentagon high command, and responsible top US officials.

America's imperial war strategy will be discussed, Obama an out-of-control warlord like Bush.

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August 22, 2010

Pioneer trends strategist Gerald Celente founded The Trends Research Institute in 1980. He's also the author of Trends 2000 and publishes the quarterly Trends Journal, providing timely, comprehensive, accurate business, economic, political, social, technology, and other forecasts on "over 300 different trend categories."

His latest world views will be discussed.

John Pilger is an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker. His achievements include years as a foreign and war correspondent, author of 10 books, and other frequent writings. He's also a longtime critic of Western imperialism and believes a "journalist's job, first of all, (is) to look in the mirror of his own society" and report on it accurately.

Major world issues will be discussed.

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August 21, 2010

William Cook is a writer, author, and Professor of English at the University of La Verne, CA, where he served earlier as Vice President for Academic Affairs for 13 years.

His books include Cultural Expressions of Evil and Wickedness, Psalms for the 21st Century, and the newest one he edited, titled The Plight of the Palestinians.

Occupied Palestine and his new book will be discussed.

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August 19, 2010

Webster Tarpley is an author, journalist, lecturer, and outspoken critic of US foreign and domestic policy. His newest book is titled, "Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Greatest Financial Crisis in Human History," the worst of it yet to come.

Discussion will focus on Tarpley's view of an imminent US/Israeli war against Iran, perhaps an October surprise.

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August 14, 2010

Ellen Brown is a civil litigation attorney, author, and frequent writer on financial issues. A new edition of her latest book, "Web of Debt," is an essential analysis of the private banking system, how it usurped money creation power, and how we can take it back.

Brown's latest writing will be discussed.

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August 12, 2010

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August 7, 2010

John Kozy is a retired philosophy and logic professor, now blogging on social, political, and economic issues. He taught for many years and has been a writer for another 20. Visit his web sites at and

His latest writing will be discussed.

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August 5, 2010

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